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Access To Arasaka - Geosynchron - digital
Access To Arasaka - Geosynchron
Access To Arasaka

digital (digital download)

Tympanik Audio TA060
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electronica / downtempo.

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Access To Arasaka's third album was quite an eagerly awaited release, and it doesn't disappoint. In my opinion darker than its predecessor, it's also a lot more laid back and cinematic sounding. Full of glitches and little beats, it is a mostly atmospheric affair in which deep, rumbling soundscapes build up into evocative soundtrack-like moment, always keeping the mood very sci-fi. There's nothing of the retro synthesis-feeling of other soundtrack-like releases such as the recent Kuedo album here, we're definitely in futuristic, dystopian and hi-fi waters here. A recommended album for these cold winter days.
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This digital version of the album also contains a high resolution video for the "Lysithea" track.
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