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Access To Arasaka - Oppidan - digital
Access To Arasaka - Oppidan
Access To Arasaka

digital (digital download)

Spectraliquid / Tympanik Audio sql008 / ta031
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industrial / electronica / IDM.

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Very rich and lush first album for the american newcomer Access to Arasaka, who unites Spectraliquid and Tympanik Audio for a collaborative release. Mostly active in the dark but clear waters of post-Gridlockian industrial electronica, this musician however dares to throw in a bit more breaks than usual, or underlines its bass from times to times, providing a more up-to-date sound to some of his tracks. The whole thing is well done, keeps mostly free of clichés, and is something that should be checked out. Let's see where this guy goes next.
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