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Access To Arasaka - Void(); - digital
Access To Arasaka - Void();
Access To Arasaka

digital (digital download)

Tympanik Audio TA045
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industrial / electronica / IDM.

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Access To Arasaka's 2009 debut had been particularely remarked, and I see no sign that things might change for this american producer with his second effort. "Void" is a very strong collection of most short tracks built with obvious care, somewhere down the path of Gridlock (for the industrial, pathos-ridden parts) and more up-to-date production (for the glitches and blips, but also the deep sweeping basses of some pieces). The craftmanship is evident here, this album being an extremely well produced and encompassing one, which should secure a pretty neat spot for Access to Arasak on any industrialo-IDM fan's shelf. Recommended.
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