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Acid Diaper - Torture95 / Nno - 12"
Acid Diaper - Torture95 / Nno
Acid Diaper

12" (vinyl)

L/B Recordings L/B013
File under
breakcore / hardcore.

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I guess I don't really "get" Acid Diaper. This Limewax and / or Panacea tongue-in-cheek project has delivered relatively middle-of-the-road hardcore and rave tracks so far, but presents here something a lot more broken, for more or less the same result. "Torture95" is basically a hardcore tune with a few breaks thrown in the middle of a pounding straight beat. On the flip side, "Nno" sounds like what somebody would do who has listened to a lot of early Venetian Snares, but who isn't quite Venetian Snares. In conclusion: I'm really not quite sure about this one.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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