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Actress - Grey Over Blue - 12"
Actress - Grey Over Blue

12" (vinyl)

Werk Discs / Ninja Tune WDNT009
File under
ambient / downtempo.

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Actress's "Ghettoville" is already a very strong album, but this modest black label even tops it. With one very atmospheric downtempo track and another, more driven, dub-techno leaning side, Actress manages to says everything he intends on stating in two compact, deep and perfectly contained tracks. Original, personal and soulful, here is a record which should not only be a companion to an already extensive Actress collection, but a record that all of you should own and listen to.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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the other members of the group jam over the beat with various instruments such as digerdoos, flutes, tribal drums etc.