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Akira Kiteshi - Transmission / Givin It Up - 12"
Akira Kiteshi - Transmission / Givin It Up
Akira Kiteshi

12" (vinyl)

Afterglo AFTR12003
File under
dubstep & grime.

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A teaser of sort to the eagery awaited, long in the making Akira Kiteshi album on Afterglo, this two tracker was quite a huge surprise for me, as it couldn't be further away from his past tough and dirty tunes. It is all very "post" something here, and these rather light and vocal-supported track flow somewhere between house, 2 steps and garage. It's well written, very well done, but maybe not as exhilarating as some of this musician's past output. Let's now wait and see how the album will sound like.

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