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Aluviana - Tonicna Negibnost - CD
Aluviana - Tonicna Negibnost


Syrphe (Textolux) S011
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ambient / experimental / drones.

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First full-length solo album by this Slovenian musician, following a collaboration with pearls-hunter extraordinaire C-Drik. "Tonična Negibnost" might kick off in a rather abrasive manner, it slowly evolves into a much more humane and touching recording, while staying rich in experimentations (may it be with noise but also with accoustic instruments or looped voices). Reminding me a bit of a grittier, more daring version of Jacaszek's early recording, here's an album which needs several listenings, but rewards the attentive listener.
Note that each of the 300 copies of this album were hand-painted and numbered, meaning that your copy might not look (at all) like the one pictured above.
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