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Ambassador 21 - X - CD
Ambassador 21 - X

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Hands D198
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industrial / mash-up / digital hardcore.

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Twelve years and a lot more albums after their inception, Belarus's Ambassador 21 land a release on their highest profile label so far, and fill it to the brink with their unchanging, particular (though still very Atari Teenage Riot-influenced) mixture of distorted broken beats, hardcore, screamed anthems and samples. As usual with them, it's all super angry, changing all the time, loud as hell and makes up for the lack of production polish with relentlessness and sincerity. Not something to put into everybody's hands, but clearly a good introduction to anybody who hasn't checked them so far.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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I've paid some dues and I'm still paying. Just humor me, and give me a listen. I have a lot to offer.