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Another Electronic Musician - Five - CD
Another Electronic Musician - Five
Another Electronic Musician


n5md MD163
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electronica / techno / minimal.

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Another Electronic Musician's third album is called five and is a pretty nice dubby minimal techno CD. Wait. What? We had left this unassuming producer drifting ever more towards more ambient soundscapes on a label itself gearing toward shoegazing sounds, and here it is that AEM and N5md come up with the love child of soft electronica (think some Tim Hecker) and late 90's Berlin polished dub minimal (think Pole). Past the surprise, the whole thing is pretty damn well done, never misses to be deep and melancholic. All of you electronics emos need to get a little bit of beats anyway. Charming
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v/a - Azure 12"
It makes it to the label sampler enjoyment.