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Another Electronic Musician - States Of Space - CD
Another Electronic Musician - States Of Space
Another Electronic Musician


n5md CATMD171
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electronica / techno / minimal.

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Fourth album in ffith year for this N5md regular, which takes another step away from his original bedroom electronica and gets closer to techno waters, as he had already done with the minimal "five". This time around, there's definitely some heavy Lusine and Ghostly influences here: the melodies are still pretty and cute, but a house tempo is making its first appearance, and AEM clearly has the intent of making some people dance. Very accessible, devoid of the post-shoegaze thing which has become the storefront of N5md, and zeitgeisty, as far as the US techno scene is concerned.
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Se toucher la nouille sur du death metal, y'a rien de plus épanouissant.