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Anticracy - Fortress Tunes - An IDM Tribute to John Zorn's Masada - 12"
Anticracy - Fortress Tunes - An IDM Tribute to John Zorn's Masada

12" (vinyl)

Scene Missing scene missing 04
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avant garde / experimental / IDM.

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Interesting concept for this record by Italy's pretty underrated Anticracy. On "Fortress Tunes", this artists pays an homage to John Zorn and covers (legally, with all royalties paid) five tunes from this pillar of the "free" grind / death / jazz / whatever scene. The result sounds a lot more IDM than anything I ever heard from John Zorn, but is really well done, clear, catchy and very well done. I had some doubts when first hearing about this project, but Anticracy has taken up this challenge very well. Congratulations
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