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Aphasia - Oxymoron - 12"
Aphasia - Oxymoron

12" (vinyl)

Bruits De Fond (Résistance Des Matériaux) BdF 13
File under
industrial / breakcore / hardcore.

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Mean, loud and distorted new record by Aphasia, a pretty established name of the french hardcore scene and regular Manu Le Malin collaborator. Definitely dark, very pounding and not devoid of some angry screaming from time to time, "Oxymoron" is definitely more something for the dimmest lit squat parties and the harshest sets than for ravey, mash-up breakcore fans. Still, however hard and merciless it might be, there's quite some variety and talent in this, and here's a record which shouldn't have much problems finding its audience.

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July 11th, 2007, 22:25