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Ard Bit / AstroPoser - Table For Two EP - 12"
Ard Bit / AstroPoser - Table For Two EP
Ard Bit / AstroPoser

12" (vinyl)

Shipwrec SHIP05
File under
experimental / IDM.

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It's nice to get some new tracks from Holland's Ard Bit, who I had last heard with his 2009's "Spanon" album. Again, his material might be quite a bit Funckarma-influenced, but the execution is great and the electronica twist welcome. On the B side, AstroPoser's material is straighter and more dancefloor oriented, with a techno beat dictating where the otherwise bubbly, glitchy tracks are taken. Solid material on both side, and another very nice record from Shipwrec.

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