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Asonat - Love In Times Of Repetition - CD
Asonat - Love In Times Of Repetition


n5md CATMD198
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electronica / pop.

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Could it be that, after having slowly shifted from a mainly electronic label to a purveyor of shoegaze, dreamy guitar-based soundscapes, N5md is going through a new phase, this time more song-oriented and poppier? This is what one could assume from the release of this debut album by Asonat. A new band by a member of Iceland's Plastik Joy (whose N5md album was already one of the most accessible on the label), "Love in Times Of Repetition" is a nostalgic, slightly-retro piece of electronic pop with an introvert atmosphere and vocals on basically every track. Well executed and with a broad appeal, it's charming on the one hand, but only time will tell whether these extremely afflicted, almost childish songs will age well.
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