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Asusu - Togetherness / Horizons (remix) - 12"
Asusu - Togetherness / Horizons (remix)
Asusu / Furesshu

12" (vinyl)

Immerse IME-017
File under
dubstep & grime / techno.

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First time I hear stuff from both Asusu and Furesshu, but this new record on Immerse Records has picked my interest. The A side, an Asusu original, is somewhere in the same waters as Martyn, at the meeting point of light dubstep, garage and long dubby melodies, resulting in a rather percussive but still flowingt track. On the B side, Asusu remixes a Furesshu track, which ends up sounding more Detroit-oriented and a bit straight, with a good balance between the relatively prominent basses and the club-friendly beats. As usual on Immerse, a relatively low-key but very interesting-sounding record.
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