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A-Tech - Night City / Panic Attack - digital
A-Tech - Night City / Panic Attack

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Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) section8026d
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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It's an interestingly minimal sort of drum'n'bass that A-Tech offers on what I believe is his first release for Section 8. The A side, quite straight, would remind a bit of Current Value if the beats were not much spaced out and the pads almost glitchy. The bass is there, the structure goes by the book, but the whole thing sounds a bit like current-days hard drum'n'bass made for home-listening. The B side, darker, bassier and with more breaks, turns out to be a bit more interesting and dancefloor-compatible. As said, this is a curious approach, the execution is solid, but let's see what can be done with these tracks.
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