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Atom TM - HD
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Raster Noton R-N147
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industrial / experimental / pop.

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Atom TM's third album for Raster Noton departs from the noise of "Liedgut" and "Winterreise", trading the distortion to a full-on electro-pop, post-Kraftwerk sound. More tongue-in-cheek than ever before (one of the track being either a parody or an answer to a piece on Alva Noto's latest album), Uwe Schmidt embarks here on a fun trip into robotic anti-capitalism planted in old school German techno roots and ends up sounding like a collaboration between David Thrussel and Patric Catani. It's all very well done, questionably relevant (covering "My Generation" at 45 might raise a few eyebrows), as über-Teutonic as ever, and obviously comes from an artist that has little left to prove. Fans of the man will love "HD", and one has to admit that it takes some courage and insolence to come up with such a project.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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