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Autechre - Exai - 2xCD
Autechre - Exai

2xCD (CD)
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Warp WARPCD234
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experimental / IDM.

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What is there to write about Autechre that hasn't been written already, and in which sense can this duo come up with a new album whose description would need adjectives that haven't been used to speak of its predecessor? Of course, "Exai" is complex, futuristic, highly abstract, perfectly produced and opaque. It does however differ from its predecessor in its felt accessibility. A very long and much beatier affair than "Move Of Ten", "Exai" seems to be somewhat based on more old-school sounds and patterns, even though it is still firmly planted in Autechre's trademark braininess. More satisfying than most of this band's 2000 output, less so than their debut ones, and in that sense unsurprising, this new album is still a very satisfying work of Autechre doing their Autechre thing.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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