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Autoclav1.1 - Embark On Departure - CD
Autoclav1.1 - Embark On Departure

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Tympanik Audio TA066
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industrial / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Seventh album in just as many years for London's Autoclav1.1, and I still have the strong impression that this musician is trying very hard to be Detritus. The first half of this "Embark On Departure" is blatantly inspired (to say the least) by "Fractured", and the following tracks, though incorporating heavier-handed industrial pads and sonorities (or voices in one case) still broadly follow the same pattern. Therefore, while on the one hand the Detritus influence is a nice thing, there definitely lacks some originality and subtlety all throughout this album. This is an album which will probably do well, but which in my opinion is overshadowed by its mentor's works.

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