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AZ-Rotator / Kenji Siratori - Braincore - CDR
AZ-Rotator / Kenji Siratori - Braincore
Kenji Siratori / AZ-Rotator


Hypermodern HM#31
File under
experimental / IDM / spoken words.

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The insane breaks meet the insane spoken words. "Braincore" is the fruit of the collaboration of IDM / breaks wizard-extraordinaire AZ-Rotator and the japanese weird-cyberpunk autor Kenji Siratori, who meshes their talent over the course of 5 tracks. On the music side, it's all super crystal-clear, very well produced breaks, heavy basses and hi-fi soundscapes, resulting in very futuristic and highly crafted tracks. On the spoken words side, I don't speak a word of Japanese, and have no idea what this is all about. A UFO in the land of IDM and electronica, which deserves a lot of consideration for how well the tracks are produced.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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