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AZ-Rotator - Shuffle Mode Irregularities - 3" CDR
AZ-Rotator - Shuffle Mode Irregularities

3" CDR (CD)

Disco.R.Dance dscrd/cd015
File under
IDM / 8 bit / acid.

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Excellent and tightly packed little 3" from AZ-Rotator, coming this time by way of the London-based Disco.R.Dance label. The spanish wizard was in great form when he wrote this new CD, these "irregularities" reaching an uncommon level of enthusiasm and musical competence. Very detailed, musically relevant (with a lot of acid and chiptunes thrown into the mostly IDM mix), the whole thing really sounds fun and is quite a wild ride on the high-fi side of broken electronica. Recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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I'm 24-year-old musician and spiritual healer from Finland