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Badun - Sots - 12"
Badun - Sots

12" (vinyl)

Schematic / John Sparking SCH-095 / JSK-001
File under
electronica / experimental / IDM / glitch.

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I was really surprised to learn that Badun was released a new album on Schematic, partly as this veteran label seemed to have moved away from vinyl, but also because I wasn't expected something as glitchy and intricate as "Sots", which truely wouldn't have fit so well on Badun's previous homes, Rump and Merry X-mas Records. The seven tracks of this album, though still very melodic, hide their beauty behind a very tricky and complex game between IDM edits, sharp cuts and snippets of accoustic elements. It does require to be listened to actively, but is also highly rewarding, confirming all the good things that one can (and should) think of this musician.

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