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Bavaria - We'll Take A Dive - CD
Bavaria - We'll Take A Dive

CD (CD) (also available on 12")
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n5md CATMD222
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electronica / techno / pop.

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No lederhosen or massive beer mugs, but rather a delicate and definitely pop-oriented approach on this first full length by John Tejada's new project, on which he is joined by Kimi Recor, who had already lent her voice to a few of his house tunes. "We'll Take a Dive" is a crisp but slow album, full of relatively straightforward constructions, glitchy beats and evocative, romantic singing. It's accessible, though quite subtle, and is a good album for rainy week-ends or readins sessions. Quite nice, and making sense on N5md's since this label's signing of such acts as Arovane or Bvdub.
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a message of universal consciousness and the relationship between men and his natural environment in the seek of answers.