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Bitcrush - In Distance - CD
Bitcrush - In Distance


n5md MD137
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electronica / (post) rock.

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Splendid second album for Mike Cadoo (ex Gridlock), in which he takes a resolutely accoustic turn. While Bitcrush's debut, "Enarc", was still close to his former Gridlock and Dryft projects, "In Distance" is a lot more a mixture of post-rock, very slow tempo, long guitars and nice basslines, with the occasional voice on some tracks. A very beautiful, encompassing and meditative album, "In Distance" is quite a tour de force for Bitcrush, and something that is bound to have both success and recognition. Hats down to Mike Cadoo for this one.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
On a side note, people enjoying this album are going to go crazy on Larvae's new "Dead Weight" album.
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