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Bitcrush - In Distance - CD
Bitcrush - In Distance


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electronica / (post) rock.

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Splendid second album for Mike Cadoo (ex Gridlock), in which he takes a resolutely accoustic turn. While Bitcrush's debut, "Enarc", was still close to his former Gridlock and Dryft projects, "In Distance" is a lot more a mixture of post-rock, very slow tempo, long guitars and nice basslines, with the occasional voice on some tracks. A very beautiful, encompassing and meditative album, "In Distance" is quite a tour de force for Bitcrush, and something that is bound to have both success and recognition. Hats down to Mike Cadoo for this one.
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On a side note, people enjoying this album are going to go crazy on Larvae's new "Dead Weight" album.
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