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Bitcrush - Shimmer And Fade - CD
Bitcrush - Shimmer And Fade


n5md MD160
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ambient / electronica / (post) rock.

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Coming shortly after the release of Bitcrush's third full length "Epilogue In Waves", this "Shimmer and Fade" is a CD re-release of a formerly mp3 only release dating from back in 2005. Containing 4 additional tracks (also recorded in that time), this CD shows how, even three years ago, Mike Cadoo was straying away from the industrial tones of Gridlock at a fast pace, and integrating shoegaze-guitars and voices a lot more strongly than on his "Enarc" debut. This really hasn't aged much, and should strongly appeal to any Bitcrush fan out there.
mp3 excerpts:

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