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Bit-Tuner & Feldermelder - Dope Crackers - 7"
Bit-Tuner & Feldermelder - Dope Crackers
Feldermelder / Bit-Tuner

7" (vinyl)

Hula Honeys hon03
File under
electronica / downtempo.

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Interestingly groovy little spit 7" between the two Swiss acts that are Bit-Tuner and Feldermelder. Not really taping on any clear trend or genre, both deliver here relatively slow tracks, made more for headnodding action that real thrashing around. Bit-Tuner's piece, with its dubstep-ish basses and modest 8 bit tones, is probably the most accessible of the two, but Feldermelder's B side, with its clear percussions and slowly creeping atmospheres is a nice one as well. A good way to get acquainted with these two acts (or the Hula Honeys label, for that matter).

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and the girl said "can you play some pretty drum'n'bass?"