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Black Lung - The Business Of Selling - 12"
Black Lung - The Business Of Selling
Black Lung

12" (vinyl)

M-Tronic Zr40
File under
industrial / electro / dubstep & grime.

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Black Lung's long pause since "The Soul Consumer" comes to an end with yet another change of style for David Thrussel's instrumental project. "The business of selling" itself, as well as the other two new tracks that compose the A side, is a mid-tempo piece of electro-clash (without the vocals) based on a rotating digital pulse: quite nice, very pop but catchy. On the flip side, Matta join the tourniquet of frequent Black Lung remixers MZO and Sir Real, each givng a twist (more techno, more breaks, more bass) to the title tune. Another (nice) surprise from Black Lung, and one I certainly wasn't expecting.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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you listen my demo? Thanks for courage of soul!