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Black Lung - The Great Golden Goal - CD
Black Lung - The Great Golden Goal
Black Lung

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Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act314
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industrial / electro.

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Black Lung's first album since his 2010, Ad Noiseam released "The Soul Consumer" is a much more pop and somewhat retro affair. Clearer sounding and using a lot of semi-80's pads, "The Great Golden Goal" carries a quite friendly and catchy vibe, at times leaning towards old-school industrial sensibilities, and at other a bit more electro. Despite its solemn, dark artwork, it is probably Black Lung's most broadly accessible album to date, and something which could somewhat have come out under the Snog moniker. It is still, however, obviously a David Thrussell release, and something which I don't think anybody else could have given birth to.
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