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Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows (Remix EP) - 2x12"
Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows (Remix EP)
Black Sun Empire

2x12" (vinyl)

Black Sun Empire (Blackout Music) BSELP006RMX
File under
drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Black Sun Empire come back with even more remixes of tracks from their latest album with this double EP. Behind the mixing desk this time are Prolix, Memtrix, Receptor and June Miller, each of them coming up with new versions which were not to be heard on any other version of the album. Two remixes are very solid, albeit relatively classic d'n'b which fits well with both the mood and intent of Black Sun Empire's original material, while the other two distinguishes themselves more (one being dubstep-oriented and the other one adding some metal samples for a bigger, movie-soundtrack kind of vibe), and shouldn't prove any less efficient.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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