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Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows - 2xCD
Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows
Black Sun Empire

2xCD (CD)

Black Sun Empire (Blackout Music) BSELP006CD
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Full-length version of Black Sun Empire's 12-track, collaboration rich third full length album. As seen on its vinyl version, this Dutch act, as veteran and well-seen as it may be, is not afraid of inviting other rahter high profile on board this time around, for tracks co-written with Noisia, Foreign Beggars, Audio, Rido and others. What we get in the end is an album which hits harder (and much bassier) than its "Lights & Wires" predecessor and which, though still inside the regular boundaries of drum'n'bass, taps into the darker and most futuristic edges of the genre, ending up in being a very solid, musical and accessible-but-tough whole. Recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
Note that this version is a double CD one, coming with a second disc containing a 25-track mix containing mostly Black Sun Empire material.
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