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Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest - CD
Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
Boards Of Canada

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Warp / Music70 WARPCD257X
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electronica / experimental / IDM.

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It took seven years to Boards of Canada to come up with a fourth album, and it is difficult to gauge the expectations one could have about it, now that they are far from being the only purveyors of analog-retro, instagram-dressed musicians out there. The result? First, this is from the beginning to end a clearly distinguishable Boards Of Canada album, there's been no revolution in their sound. Second, no, it's not as gritty, playful or intriguing as "Music Has The Right To Children" (but could it ever be)? Third, "Tomorrow's Harvest" is somewhat heavier, lushier and more satisfying by the (relatively) disappointing "Campfire Headphase". In conclusion, this is the Boards Of Canada we have learned to know, which might not impressed as much as they used to in the 90's, but which, like many veteran Warp bands, still deliver the goods with satisfactory quality.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
This is the limited edition digipack version of this album, containing three postcards and a 16 page booklet.
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