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Bolt - 02 - 12"
Bolt - 02

12" (vinyl)

Aentitainment AENT.015
File under
metal / drones / Doom.

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Very ambitious release from Aentitainment. I have absolutely no information at all as to who or what Bolt are, so let's focus on what we get here. On the outside, this white-vinyl LP (limited to 100 copies) comes in a specially cut sleeve with wooden embossing, together with a (shrinkwrapped but real) faded leaf and a download code. Music-wise, the four long tracks of this album are somewhere between modern doomy-drone (think Bohren & co) and very heavy jam. There's a lot of accoustic bass, a lot of reverb, no voice, and a constant heaviness in this album, where the dark overtones are contrasted by a feeling of improvisation. Solid and mysterious.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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