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Bolt / Petrels - Split - 10"
Bolt / Petrels - Split
Bolt / Petrels

10" (vinyl) (also available on digital)

Aentitainment aent.019
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experimental / (post) rock.

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The follow up to Bolt (or "[B O L T]", apparently)'s very nice debut LP is this litte 10", shared with Petrels, about whom I don't know much. Bolt's side present a rather deep, slightly Sunn O)))-esque piece of slow-moving, at times gritty instrumental post-metal which cares more about the depth of its atmospheres than anything else. Petrels's part is more electronic, a bit glitchy towards its end, and goes down in a slicker fashion. All in allö a very pleasant short record that serves as a good companion to Bolt's long-player.
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