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Bong-Ra vs Gore Tech vs Author & Punisher - Sonicterror #10 - 12"
Bong-Ra vs Gore Tech vs Author & Punisher - Sonicterror #10
Bong-Ra / Gore Tech / Author & Punisher

12" (vinyl)

Sonicterror ST010
File under
breakcore / mash-up / metal.

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First a word about this record's concept: it contains two tracks by the US geek / metal act Author & Punisher ("Flesh Ants" and "Terrorbird"), first remixed by Bong-Ra and Gore Tech together (on the A side), then by each of them solo (on the flip). If the B side delivers more or less what one could expect (dancefloor-oriented breakcore from Bong-Ra, slower and more hybrid works from Gore Tech), the work on the A side constantly oscillate between the Dutch producer's front-facing riff samples and the British one syncopated bass works. All in all, this very welcome to business by Enduser's Sonicterror label is a strong meeting point between breakcore, hard-but-not-exaggerated metal mash-up and drumstep. Nice one, guys.

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