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Bonk / Enduser & Patrick Currier - Sound Healer remix / Pressure - digital
Bonk / Enduser & Patrick Currier - Sound Healer remix / Pressure
Enduser / Patrick Currier / Bonk

digital (digital download)

Flatwoods Creative FW003
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The original version of Bonk's "Sound Healer" track was already quite good, as the rest of Flatwoods's ouput, but bringing in Enduser was a great way to take everything up a notch. "Sound Healer" sounded like a perfect track for him to remix, and becomes an excellent humane-but-hard breakcore track once remixed, and something which deserves to be listened to and played. On the B side, he collaborates with Patrick Currier (about whom I know nothing) for a harder, punchier tune in the vein of "Even Weight"'s "Distance". Enduser's records are too rare at the moment, and I can't recommend this enough.
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