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Bonk / Warbreaker - Sound Healer / Dead Man Jungle - digital
Bonk / Warbreaker - Sound Healer / Dead Man Jungle
Bonk / Warbreaker

digital (digital download)

Flatwoods Creative FWdigi001
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The first release on Aaron "Bonk" Bianchi's Flatwoods Creative label was this very nice, 2011-release two tracker EP, containing the original version of his very "Sound Healer" track (which later went on to be remixed by Enduser), a melodic and very well done d'n'b track which, yes, sounds like Enduser without the breakcore elements. Things get less emotional and a lot more dancefloor-oriented with the warm jungle of Warbreaker on the digital flipside. Two solid tracks, as varied as such a release can be, and a welcome start for this label.
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