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Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour - CD
Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour
Boy Is Fiction


Sun Sea Sky SS035
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electronica / downtempo / pop.

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Three years after his debut album for Detritus's List Record, Boy Is Fiction is finally back with a second CD, this time for the young American label Sun Sea Sky. Things have changed a bit for this Australian musician, whose delicate and often glitchy electronica know incorporate a solid amount of vocals (distant and melancholic) and some more accoustic-sounding instrumentation. The whole thing stills sounds a bit like the grandson of Gridlock with a bit of City Centre thrown into the mix. Well thought and crafted, this is an album which will hopefully bring more recognition to an otherwise underrated artist.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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you listen my demo? Thanks for courage of soul!