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Brainpain - Apparatus EP - digital
Brainpain - Apparatus EP

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Accomodus ACCM011
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dubstep & grime.

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Interesting new EP from the rising name that is Brainpain. Containing six tracks, tree of which are remixes, it probably intends at presenting the various genres in which this young artist is active. Slowish, dark and pulsating dubstep comes first, then dips its toes in a little bit of drumstep (yes, it seems this has become a genre by itself) before exploding quickly into drum'n'bass. I'd say that Brainspain's efficiency is invertedly proportional to its speed, but even the faster material is nice as well. Remix-wise, Le Crabe and STHS deliver good versions, but it's Ower's deep and sparse one which convinced me the most. All in all a solid EP of dark dub-and/or-drum step.
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