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Brazda Lui Novac - Dizzy - digital
Brazda Lui Novac - Dizzy
Brazda Lui Novac

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Raumklang Music raum-cd-07
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electronica / IDM.

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"Dizzy" is apparently the second album of the Romanian musician Victor Popescu under his Brazda Lui Novac moniker. Between playful IDM and glitchy influences, the whole thing boils and bounces with a profusion of little beats, a relatively bassy sound (for this genre) and a taste for surprise. Closer than the early Warp era to which a lot of musicians are currently paying homage, this actually sounds a bit closer to me to what Tigerbeat6 used to be about, or some of the calmer output on Schematics. "Dizzy", accurately named, is crowned by a remix this musician wrote of Subheim's "Streets" and another one by Access to Arasaka. All in all an interesting, joyful little electronic album.
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