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Broken NVEP / Infekkted - BrokenNVEP Vs Infekkted - digital
Broken NVEP / Infekkted - BrokenNVEP Vs Infekkted
Broken NVEP / Infekkted

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Marionette Records mrNET016
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breakcore / mash-up.

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Hard, energetic and strong split EP between these two young breakcore acts. Each come up with two tracks, the whole thing meshed quite well and fitting as a double EP. White Peace Off's influence seems important for both artists, France's Broken NVEP is maybe the one that hits the hardest, with some material reminding of Rotator, while Greece's Infekkted infuses his tunes with a few more melodies. All in all, though, it's rather crisp, pounding and fun breakcore, of the kind that both pays homage to the hayday of the genre and will make everybody bounce around on the dancefloor.
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