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Bulkrate - In The Temple Of The Serpent - 12"
Bulkrate - In The Temple Of The Serpent

12" (vinyl)

Praxis (Sub/version) Praxis 49
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Were the Zhark label still active, here is something which would have fit very well on it. With its staccato-breakcore rhythms, its dry beats and dark, oppressing atmospheres, this EP is a welcome dive back to oldschool, dark breakcore, and should go somewhere on your shelves or desks next to material by Hecate, Abelcain and Slutmachine. Praxis did well to take the risk and release, as these five tracks, while they do not reinvent the wheel, work well and bring back a now much-too-rare sound.
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I have written many beautiful songs that i want the world to be able to hear.