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Bvdub - Resistance Is Beautiful - CD
Bvdub - Resistance Is Beautiful


Darla DRL250
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electronica / downtempo / techno.

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First album on Darla for the American based prolific Bvdub, who's been spitting out release after release in the last few years and has quickly gained a lot of recognition on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. As usual with him, what we get here is a mixture of dubby, spaced out techno and ambient, almost shoe-gazing atmospheres. It's really more something to listen to at home or during long night-drives. Melodic and melancholic but beat-driven enough not to be completely atmospheric, this is a nice experiment and something that bridges well meditative material and dub techno.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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a message of universal consciousness and the relationship between men and his natural environment in the seek of answers.