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Cakebuilder - Blood & Thunder - 12"
Cakebuilder - Blood & Thunder

12" (vinyl)

No Room For Talent (Feed The Machine) NRFTR 12.05
File under
industrial / breakcore / dark.

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This one will really have taken its time to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Released in 2007, between "Decks'n'Demons" and "Feeding the Worms", "Blood & Thunder" saw Cakebuilder slow things down already compared to his debut (even Bong-Ra delivers a low-in-BPM remix), but keep the breakcore and d'n'b elements to deliver a dark as night, horror filled four trackers of very menacing and original breakcore. Cakebuilder clearly has a sound of his own, and whatever style he touches, his stuff stands out of the lot.
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in the meantime I wish you all the beast.