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Candle Nine - The Muse In The Machine - CD
Candle Nine - The Muse In The Machine
Candle Nine

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Tympanik Audio TA037
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industrial / electronica.

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Interesting debut album by this American artist which should feel completly at home on Tympanik Audio, for his "Muse In the Machine" has clearly flirted with both sides of the industrial sound of the last ten years. Some tracks aim at the dancefloor with a an almost post-EBM-esque sound, while some other swirl in the whole heavy handed, melodic electronica that this label has been pushing. Reminding me a lot more of the luscious productions of Keef Baker than of the scarcity of Gridlock, here's a well executed first album which raises curiosity and interest.
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