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Carnage & Cluster - Remixing The Elite - 12"
Carnage & Cluster - Remixing The Elite
Carnage & Cluster

12" (vinyl)

Noisj (Dark Descent) NOISJ12-01
File under
techno / hardcore.

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Very intense remix EP from Noisj's figureheads Carnage & Cluster. Gabbery hardcore, speedcore and oppressive industrial techno are on the menu, and while it is the same one track that gets remixed five times here (and appears in its original version), the tunes are varied enough not to get overly boring. Still, this is obviously first and foremost a DJ-tool, and something which might scare quite a few people for, while it has little to no breaks, it goes quite fast and just does not ever stop pounding the listener away.
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