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Cex - Tiny Creature - CD
Cex - Tiny Creature


Tigerbeat6 meow166
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electronica / IDM.

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The man is back to the fold: after having had affairs with many other labels in the recent years, Cex's back to the Tigerbeat6 fold which had made him a pillar of its roster in the early 2000's with this eagerly awaited "Tiny Creature" album. Stylistically, things are also somewhat back to their origins, as this album is a lot closer to Cex's downtempo electronica first step than to the rock'n'roll attitude of his later hip hop releases. And still, this musician taps on the zeitgeist with several highly melodic and funky tracks à la Starkey, only to bath later in long atmospheric pieces. There's a bit of everything, electronica-wise, in this album, and it's all executed by somebody who knows his knobs and waves. A welcome come-back.
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