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CH District - Conclusion - CD
CH District - Conclusion
CH District


M-Tronic / Tympanik Audio Se34
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electronica / IDM.

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Five years have passed since CH District's remarked "Slides" album on M-Tronic, and while I don't know if the title of this new CD is a sign that this polish musician is putting an end to this project, there's definitely been quite some change since the flowing electronica of this previous album. The beats have become thicker, the glitchy elements are gone, and while there are still enough melodies in most tracks, the overall feeling of this new album is a rather dry one. It's a welcome evolution, on the one hand, CH District has definitely kept an ear on the progresses of electronica since 2005, but it also an album which requires a more active (and repeat) listening.
Note that this album is listed here as released on M-Tronic and Tympanik Audio, as both labels released it at the same time, with the same tracklisting. The copies for sales are however bearing only the M-Tronic logo, and have a reddish cover, as shown above.
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