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Charly Linch - Filthy Pleasures - digital
Charly Linch - Filthy Pleasures
Charty Linch

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Mindtrick mtr009cd
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Could this be a new hope for breakcore? Charly Linch, behind whose moniker hides an already-experienced Dutch musicians, offers with his first album a exhilarating take on chopped-up amens, crazy samples, hard d'n'b and bouncy temp changes. There's definitely some influence from the likes of Enduser, Bong-Ra and Sickboy in this (so you won't be surprised that we like it a lot over here), but "Filthy Pleasures" really has a sound of its own as well, and is quite a lot better produced than most newcomers in the breakcore scene at the moment. Very recommended.
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the other members of the group jam over the beat with various instruments such as digerdoos, flutes, tribal drums etc.