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Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits - 2xCD
Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits
Chrissy Murderbot

2xCD (CD)
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Murder Channel MURCD-020
File under
hip-hop / electro / dancehall.

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Footwork / juke is an acquired taste. While Chrissy Murderbot has been sporting his hectic, fast and heavily sampled ghetto bass for some time now, I still need a few listens to get into his productions (or this genre in general). This fake "Greatest Hits" (in the sense that the tracks featured here weren't available anywhere so far, as far as I know) is no exception. And still, it's really well done and has a tongue-in-cheek, lo-fi something which distinguishes Murderbot's output from the avalanche of similar releases being currently put out. A fun little CD, which can also serve as an adequate introduction to the genre.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
This CD also comes with the bonus "Chrissy Murderbot vs. D.J.Fulltono" one.
mp3 excerpts:

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