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Christoph Fringeli - Fuel For The Fire (Vile Enginez Remix) - digital
Christoph Fringeli - Fuel For The Fire (Vile Enginez Remix)
Vile Enginez / Christoph Fringeli

digital (digital download)

Sub/version (Praxis) sub303
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To celebrate Sub/Version's "303" catalog number, label founder Christoph Fringeli unearthed a track from his 1999 release on this label and submited it to Vile Enginez to remix. Things are here a lot more breakcore sounding and less d'n'b than what one would expect from this label, but this remix is clearly a keeper. Dark and oppressive, clear but heavy, it's something which would have also fit very well on Zhark and which gives one hope for more quality breakcore in the future.
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